Group Tours in Umbria & Tuscany
Chocolate Lovers Tour, Perugia Eurochocolate, October 2010


Join us on a luxury chocolate tour in Umbria, central Italy to coincide with the Eurochocolate festival in the historical city of Perugia.

On this tour you will:

-           sample chocolate at the Eurochocolate festival

-           roll up your sleeves for a chocolate-themed cooking lesson

-           visit Perugia’s chocolate factory and chocolate museum

-           enjoy guided chocolate and wine tasting


Join us at Eurochocolate in October 2010. Contact us for more information or to book.

On this tour you will explore Umbria, enjoying chocolate-themed activities whilst savouring chocolate from artisan producers and the biggest names in international chocolate (such as Perugina, Lindt, Caffarel, Milka and Eraclea).

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