Gubbio and Frasassi Caves

Join us for a fantastic Full Day Tour, to include visits to Gubbio and Frasassi Caves, two unmissable Italian gems. Enjoy a rustic lunch stop to taste the area’s famous “torta al testo” (focaccia bread), filled with delicious cured meats, cheeses or vegetables.

First of all we’ll start with a Classic Tour of Gubbio, one of Italy’s best kept medieval towns, built on the slope of Monte Ingino. A walk through its alleys will probably feel like stepping back in time.

Gubbio’s main square is a daring construction. A so-called hanging-square with impressive town-hall: the Palace of the Consuls. The building houses the City Museum where we’ll be able to admire seven ancient bronze tablets. These are the only surviving written testimony of the “Umbri” population (Ombrikòi in Greek), who probably settled in ­Central Italy in the second half of the second millennium ­BC.

In the afternoon, it’s time to cross over the Umbrian border and into the beautiful Marche region. Here, we will visit the amazing Grotte di Frasassi in Genga, 50 kilometres south-west of Ancona.

Only discovered in 1971, this is one of the largest known cave systems in Europe, with an impressive array of stalactites and stalagmites, spreading along 1500 metres of accesible caverns.

By 1974 the Frasassi caves were ready to welcome the first visitors. Although almost 15 kilometres of passages and caves have been explored, this is believed to be less than half of the total!

On this tour you will:

  • See Gubbio’s famous Piazza Grande and its grand Palaces;
  • Visit the church of San Francesco and the Cathedral;
  • Admire the amazing Frasassi Caves, one of Italy’s unmissable sights;
  • Taste the delicious “torta al testo” (focaccia bread), one of the area’s delicacies.
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