Spello Guided Tour

Join us for a pleasant and informative Walking Tour of Spello. We’ll start first of all with an unmissable treasure: the newly-opened Villa of Mosaics. Our itinerary will then take us through Spello’s beautifully-preserved narrow streets and squares. During the stroll we’ll see the Roman Walls and Gates, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore (with Pinturicchio’s frescoes within the Cappella Bella) and also the church of St. Andrew. Our walk will finally end at the upper Belvedere, offering amazing views of the whole valley.

On this tour you will:

  • See Spello’s newly-opened Villa of Mosaics dating back to Roman times;
  • Visit the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore with Pinturicchio’s fresco cycle, within the Cappella Bella;
  • Admire Spello’s intact Roman Walls and Gates;
  • Soak in the relaxed atmosphere of one of Italy’s most famous hilltop towns.
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More Information on our Spello Guided Tour

Hill towns are not exactly a rare sight in central Italy. But Spello is more of a hillside town, with its stone houses and intact town walls draped around the city centre like a necklace.

Built with the local stone taken from the Subasio mountain, this ancient Umbrian settlement was called “Hispellum” by the Romans. With a population of just 8,500 residents, Spello is still surrounded by lush, fertile fields. As a result, the area produces excellent extra-virgin olive oil and wines. Especially relevant, the study of the mosaic at the centre of the main room in the Villa of Mosaics, depicts a wine pouring scene. Consequently, this has led to the suggestion that the owner, with a home of such considerable size, might have probably been a rich and powerful individual, possibly a wine producer.

Most of Spello’s highlights seem to be lined along Via Cavour, most noteworthy Santa Maria Maggiore. This church has a finely sculpted medieval portal, but the real treat is inside. The Cappella Baglioni side-chapel is decorated by one of Pinturicchio’s most colourful fresco cycles. It was painted in 1501 for the Baglioni family and it’s centred on the birth and childhood of Jesus.

Nearby, Spello’s civic art gallery and a couple of rather worthwhile churches. But maybe, Spello’s real pleasures are the relaxed pace of life of the town and the lovely Subasio marble, from which it is built. As a result, buildings take on a romantic peach-pink hue around sunrise and sunset.


Why not make it a Full-day by combining Spello with with another town such as Assisi, Spoleto, Bevagna or Montefalco? Spello is also a good starting point for a Food Tour or Winery visit!

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